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Kenzo Kenzo Flower Eau De Parfum Spray 30 ml for Women

Produktnummer: SP-11576

56,03 €*

Inhalt: 30 ml (186,77 €* / 100 ml)

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Produktnummer: SP-11576
THE FRAGRANCE nA sensual powdery floral a subtle balance built around three accords created by Alberto Morillas Rose Violet and Hawthorn sign the floral accord Vanilla white Musks and Oppoponax compose the powdery harmony Pink Peppercorns and Incense the vibrant note n nThe design nA poppy stretches out unfolds and hangs suspended as if balanced on its glass tower Touched by its gracefulness the tower leans over just a little Serge Mansau insufflated a bold simplicity into this ethereal bouquet n nINSPIRATION nThe poppy is scentless Kenzo has invented its fragrance The fragrance of a singular and timeless flower a militant flower in the city

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